Cheap Divorce in New York?

Do not be deceived by the sites announcing and offering divorces for less than $300 and in less than 3 months.

Whoever offers you such a thing in the state of New York is trying to rip you off and give you some fine print excuse once you realize you have been ripped off.

Here, we like to be honest. Any divorce offer under $300 is mainly companies offering to maybe send the forms to you. (Many times even without filling them out for you).

We also do that same service here. The only difference is that we do it for only $99 and we fill everything out for you.

Also, we tell you the truth out front. With this service you will be the one taking your divorce to court and making about 4 visits in order to complete your process in court. Not to mention the complexities which might arise if you have a complicated case.

But, if you want not only all the forms filled out, but the whole entire process taken cared of including the court visits, then you can use our services in our homepage or through our affiliate site which does the same.

Remember if there is no fight, and both are in agreement, you could save thousands of dollars by using our services instead of getting a lawyer.

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