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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Divorces.


How Long does it take to get divorced?

After both the plaintiff and defendant sign and submit all documents for the divorce it takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months to get divorced in New York County. Anyone promising a faster or express processing time only wants to take your money. Divorces where the spouse doesn't sign (With service) will take 40 additional days .


What is your payment plan?

We allow our customers to pay half the price to start the Divorce action (getting the index number) and then pay the other half whenever they wish to sign and submit the rest of the required documents. (1 Year limit).


How do I get the documents?


After you provide us with the information and make your first payment we will generate all of the required documents and send them to you via email or mail whichever you prefer. You will then sign and notarize the documents in a specific order which we will clearly indicate in the instructions.


Do I have to go to Court?


No, You Do not need to go to court, we take care of the whole entire process for you.

The only occasion in which you would have to go to court is if the judge or referee in charge of your divorce wishes to see you in person, chances of this are around 1% .


How do I get my final judgement of divorce?


We will notify you via email or telephone whenever your final judgement of divorced is signed by the judge and we will right away send your final certified judgement of divorce through the mail.


Are you guys Lawyers?


No, we are not lawyers. We are a document preparation company with many years of experience preparing pro-se divorces. Thus, if your divorce becomes a contested divorce (in which your spouse fights back) we CANNOT represent you in court. For this reason we advise that you are 100% sure of your divorce being uncontested (without fight) before you submit it to us.


Do I have to notarize all documents?


You do have to notarize multiple documents, although not all of them. The order and date of signatures and notarizing is extremely important and for this reason we send documents in a specific order and with clear instructions. Your Spouse will also need to notarize one or two documents depending on the type of divorce.


How much time do I have in order to sign?

After we start the action in court you have 120 days for your spouse to sign or get served. And then you will have a whole year to submit the remaining documents which are to be signed by you.


Can I divorce if my Spouse is in Another Country?


Yes, You could divorce if your spouse is outside the country. You would need them to sign and notarize their document in the US embassy of the country where they reside. 


Who can serve the documents if my spouse is unwilling to sign?


Anyone who is 18 years or older and a resident of New York can serve your spouse if they are unwilling to sign. You could also use a process server company to perform the service. You must be aware that neither you nor children involved in the divorce can do the service of the divorce document. The court provides a window of 40 days for your spouse to respond, so we ask that you be ABSOLUTELY SURE that your divorce will proceed without a response from your spouse in those 40 days, because we CANNOT represent you in a contested (fought) divorce.


What happens after I get my Certified Judgement of Divorce?


Once you get your certified judgement of divorce you will be officially divorced. At this point you will be done with the process. Also you will be free to get married again as soon as you wish.


Can you get my Certified Judgment of Divorce?

Yes, Whether you used our services for your divorce or got divorced some time ago through other means, we can always get you as many additional certified judgments of your divorce as you wish, WE COULD ONLY DO THIS if your divorce was filed in The Supreme Court of New York County. You must sign an authorization which we generate and send to you through mail (or email if you prefer). This service has a cost of $50 for first copy and $20 for every additional copy if you wish to have more than just one copy.


Can you stop or cancel the divorce?

Yes, As long as we have not yet submitted all of your and spouse's documents to the court. If we haven't submitted all of your documents then we can always stop the divorce. So, for example, if you already have an index number but have not turned in the rest of the documents we can then stop your divorce at any time, you must write to us expressing your desire to stop the action or alternatively you could simply not act upon it for a year to allow your index number to expire.


Can I get a Refund?

We have a No Refund Policy. Therefore we beg that you are 100% sure that you want to proceed with the divorce before you submit your info and make a payment. After the submission of info and payments are made THERE IS NO REFUNDS. Although your case could indeed be stopped, if you wish,  at any time before the second round of document is sent back to us.


How do I know the status of my Divorce Case?


We will be sending you emails with updates of your case throughout the whole process of your divorce. Also you could use the index number (which we will provide you with) and after you have sent back all of your signed documents check the status yourself in the website of the New York State Unified Court System 

Ecourts : https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/webcivil/FCASMain 


Where Do I send my signed documents back to?

You can send your signed documents to our address:


928 Fulton St SUITE 275
Brooklyn NY 11238-2349