Requirements to Divorce in New York County

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Either The Plaintiff (You) or the Defendant (Your Spouse) Must have lived in the state of New York for at least 2 years. You must be married for at least 6 months.


The parties have divided up the marital property and no claim will be made by either party under equitable distribution. 


If Defendant is not willing to sign you must get a New York resident over 18 years old (Or Process Server) to serve the Divorce.


The Defendant is not in the active military service of the United States, New York or any other state or territory.


No other matrimonial action is pending in any other court and the marriage has not been terminated by any prior decree of any court of competent jurisdiction.


If your Spouse lives outside of the United States he/she will have to sign their document in the US embassy of the country in which they reside.

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